Rabbit Programming/Diagnostic Cable

About the third time I switched from programming to communicating on Serial port A,
I wished that I could just flip a switch to change modes instead of unplugging
and reconnecting the 10 pin header connectors. 
The number of contact cycles on an insulation displacement connector can be as low as 150!

Here's how I modified my cable:

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d9_open.jpg (13687 bytes)
Carefully lift the D9 back.

cut3wires.jpg (11201 bytes)
Cut and strip the 3 conductors that are not passed to the "Diag" connector.

switch.jpg (14225 bytes)
Solder in a DIP switch.

epoxy.jpg (18537 bytes)
Encapsulate with 5 minute epoxy.

| © 2005 Ken Staton