Ultimeter 2100 Weather Station

Current weather at my house.

The weather station runs as a background process once per minute,
logging the current time, temperature, wind direction and speed to a file.

Note that provides a way to define the data you would like to have displayed as text.
It is easy to log this to a text file or a CSV file.

Here is the Python version: Server Client for hourly temp logging Client for web request Ultimeter 2100 record decoding Python cgi Create polar wind plot


Here is the old Java version:        Linux Java Comm Comm port interface.                 Ultimeter weather station interface
            Writes data to file once/minute.

I view the most recent data and the hourly averages for the current and previous days using a web browser.              Java Servlet

Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2100

I used to use the Version 1.00 Beta 1-Wire API for Java (read about it here).

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