MC68EC000 Single Board Computer

16 MHz
512 K SRAM

I run a modified eForth on this board.
The modifications don't conform to the eForth 1.x model because 
I've recoded the source using AS, a free, portable macro cross assembler: .
Assembly language CPU configuration code (soon).
You can use the configuration code along with the 68000 eForth to build your own.

The PCB is the same size as the Programmable Peripheral PCB.
The Programmable Peripheral is required to run eForth because the MC68EC000 SBC has no I/O.
The serial port on the Programmable Peripheral is used for terminal I/O by eForth.
Wire these signals between the two boards:
{A1, A2, R/W*=WR*, MIOCS*=FF*, LDS*=DS*, D0..7}.
Wire +5V and GND from both boards to a power connector.
Stick rubber feet on the back of one board then put drops of super-glue
on the feet and glue the feet to the back of the other board.

The completed assembly looks like this:

PCB Assembly Click on the image to see a larger (20 K) view.

Schematic (43 K .pdf).

Motorola Documents

Description of MC68EC000

MC68EC000 User's Manual

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