Automatic Power On After Power Fail

2012 Mac Pro Reboot after power fail

Build a USB charger (AC to 5V) powered Arduino (e.g. Itsy Bitsy 32u4 3V)
that looks for 5V on the Mac Pro USB port and momentary grounds the
power switch.

Arduino Code

A5 to resistors on USB5V & GND

Wire A5 to 10K resistors on USB5V and Gnd. This divides the USB 5V by 2
which will be read by the ADC.

Protect with hot glue

Protect the resistors and the reset push button switch with some hot
glue. Add a pin at D11.

Power from USB charger

Power from the USB charger. This powers the ItsyBitsy.

MacPro power switch

The pin on the right of the connector for the power switch has about a
10K pullup. When the power switch is pushed, this is pulled to ground.

Flying wire to power switch

Add a 28 AWG wire to the switch connector with a 2nd layer of heatshrink
insulation where it routes out the front panel.