eForth for the Rabbit 2000

based on eForth by Bill Muench.

eForth can be used for educational, non-commercial purposes.

Description of the Rabbit2000 eForth implementation 

eForth Glossary (pdf 42K)

Loading Forth

If you just want to run eForth on a RCM2300, you can use the programming cable
( Rabbit Semiconductor part number 101-0513 http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com/store/ )
to load this binary image (which uses serial port A) with the Rabbit Field Utility (RFU).
    1    Get the latest RFU from Rabbit Semiconductor.
    2    Unzip the RFU and the binary image.
    3    At a command prompt, type: clRFU loader_REVe.bin -v -s 2:115200

    D:\DCRABBIT_720SE>clrfu loader_reve.bin -v -s 2:115200
    Rabbit Field Utility - version 2.33
    Sending Coldloader
    891 of 55545 bytes sent
    Sending Pilot BIOS
    6209 of 55545 bytes sent
    Erasing flash

    Sending Program
    55545 of 55545 bytes sent
    Elapsed Time: 19.5 seconds

CLRFU version 2.20 fails!

    4    Turn off power to the RCM2300, switch the cable connector from "PROG" to "DIAG"
            and turn the power back on.  The baud rate is 19200.

Build your own using Dynamic-C

This program illustrates how to write assembly code for the Rabbit2000 using a
macro cross assembler and how to use Dynamic-C to load the binary produced
by the assembler.

The Dynamic-C program uses #ximport to place the binary image in flash memory
and xalloc to allocate memory in RAM.  It moves the binary image from flash
to RAM using xmem2xmem.  Finally, it uses the memory management unit (MMU)
to place the allocated RAM in the logical address space starting at address zero.

Source files (zip 25K)

Dynamic C file (10K) and binaries (zip 5K) to build executable.
If you're using a Dynamic C version older than 6.57, upgrade
(30may03: Dyn-C version 7.21 doesn't support flash/forget using writeflash. I have a plan to fix, but no time.)

To make changes to the Forth image (binary), e.g. to change the serial port, you'll need:
AS, a free, portable macro cross assembler: http://www.alfsembler.de/ 


eForth programs

Set and read the real-time-clock: rabbit_rtc.txt 
Load Intel16 .hex files: HexLoad.txt

Previous versions

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