MC68306 Single Board Computer

16 MHz
2 MB Dram
Two serial ports
8 bit parallel port
Bus expansion connector

I run a modified eForth on this board.
The modifications don't conform to the eForth 1.x model because 
I've recoded the source using AS, a free, portable macro cross assembler: .
Assembly language CPU configuration code (12K).
Assembly language source eForth 2.1 (97K).

Here are the commands to produce the EPROM S-record:

asw -cpu 68000 -P -L forth306_rev21b.asm
p2hex forth306_rev21b.p -F Moto -M 3 +5 -r $-$
copy forth306_rev21b.hex infile.hex
srec infile.hex ffff 100000

SREC is a utility written in Turbo-C to relocate part of the memory
image into ROM space. SREC.C source code.  SREC.EXE 
Note that the input file name must be 8.3 format.

EPROM Motorola S3 file (65K .hex).

Schematic (223K .pdf)

Motorola Documents

Description of MC68306

MC68306 User's Manual

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