Airplane Data Logger

Logs data from

  • Dynon EFIS-D10A
  • Dynon EMS-D10
  • Garmin GNS430
to a USB thumb drive.

Data Logger Code
Currently runs on a Teensy 4.0 or Micro-mod Teensy 4.1.


Teensy4.0 Top Side Pinout

Teensy4.0 Bottom Side Pinout

Note that the USB D+ & D- are wired to pads on the bottom of the board.

The schematic originally generated a PCB that had a header for the mbed processor. It has been edited to shown Teensy 4.0 connections.

I run the log splitting and conversion to .csv and Jupyter analysis on a Mac.
git clone

Copy Analysis_Tools to your home directory.
cd airplane-data-logger
cp -a Analysis_Tools ~/
mv ~/Analysis_Tools ~/Airplane\ Data\ Logger
Rename “Nnumber Data” to your tail number.
Change PLANE=" your-number " in and

The log file recorded to the USB thumb drive must be split into separate files for each source.
Then the characters must be interpreted and written as .csv files.
The GPS file is converted to Google Earth .kml using gpsbabel.

  1. cd ~/Airplane Data Logger/Nnumber Data/flights/
  2. ./new_flight 27nov2022
  3. copy Log000*.TXT from thumb drive into Nnumber_combined_27nov2022
  4. ./walk_logs 27nov2022