Ultimeter Weather Station

Current weather at my house.


The weather station runs as a background process once per minute,
logging the current time, temperature, wind direction and speed to a file.

Note that PBU2100.py provides a way to define the data you would like to have displayed as text.
It is easy to log this to a text file or a CSV file.

Weather Station Code

Keyboard key names:
Col1______ Col2______ Col3______ Col4______
Wind Wind&Temp Temp Rain
Baro Indoor Humid DewPt
Time Scan Light Date
Clear Alarm Down Up

Ultimeter 2100

Sometimes the serial communication gets wedged.
Try changing to data logger mode (Clear + Wind) and then back to modem mode (Clear + Temp).

Sometimes you must power cycle:
Remove the 9V battery and disconnect the interface cable and wait 30 seconds.
Turn off flashing battery symbol with Clear + Alarm key press

set the year!
press clock + calendar at same time
depending on SW version:
  press up key until leap year offset starts changing
  or press up key until year starts changing

set the clock!
press Time
press Up until time flashes 3x
Up/Down for correct time
press Time

set the date!
press and release Date
press Up until date flashes 3x
Up/Down for correct date
press Date

set barometer
press and hold Baro and Up key until display flashes 3x
press Baro

set up scanning again:
press a-b-c until SEL
Temp then Home
press a-b-c

press Clear + Temp for 3 seconds

Notes and TODO

Interactive testing with screen
screen manual
screen /dev/ttyUSB0 2400 # or whatever dev-name
>H # won’t echo, you’ll just see the result


use C-a \ to quit

Weather station fault sensing. Send notification when not working!
Python wx_client.py text
Returns got 458 bytes and other data
Modify wxlog_client.py for notification?
Wxlog.log? stdout/stderr from wxlog_client.py see startWX
See phone_home/smtpsend.py use email for notification…

wxlog.log ignored exception at -date- this may have ID & PASSWORD in the URL that is logged! Max retries exceeded with url: create handler for HTTPSConnectionPool ?

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